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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 113

M. Valerius Corvinus

Insperatum auxilium.

If LIVIES pen have written but the truthe,
And diverse mo, that actes of ould declare.
Then knowe, when Gaules did dare the Roman youthe,
VALERIUS, lo, a Roman did prepare
   By dinte of sword, the challenger to trye,
   Who both in armes incountred by and by.

And whilst with force, they proov'd their weapons brighte,
And made the sparkes to flie out of the steele,
A Raven, straight, uppon VALERIUS lighte,
And made his foe a newe incounter feele:
   Whome hee so sore did damage, and distresse,
   That at the lengthe, the Roman had successe.

For, when his foe his forces at him bente,
With winges all spread the raven dim'd his sighte:
At lengthe, his face hee scratch'd, and all to rente,
And peck'd his eies, hee coulde not see the lighte,
   Which shewes, the Lorde in daunger doth preserve,
   And ravens raise our wordlie wantes to serve.