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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 112

Habet et bellum suas leges

CAMILLUS then, that did repulse the Gaules,
And unto Rome her former state did give:
When that her foes made spoile within her waules,
Lo here, amongst his actes that still shall live.
   I made my choice, of this example rare,
   That shall for aye his noble minde declare.

Wherefore, in briefe then this his woorthie parte,
What time he did besiege FALERIA stronge:
A scoolemaster, that bare a JUDAS harte,
Unto the place where he was fostered longe,
   Ofte walk'd abrode with schollers that hee toughte,
   Whiche cloke hee us'de, so that no harme was thoughte.

At lengthe, with sonnes of all the best, and moste,
Of noble peares, that kepte the towne by mighte:
Hee made his walke into the Romane hoste,
And, when hee came before CAMILLUS sighte,
   Quoth hee, my Lorde, lo these? thy prisoners bee,
   Which beinge kepte, FALERIA yeeldes to thee.

Whereat, a while this noble captaine stay'd,
And pondering well the straungenes of the cause:
Unto his frendes, this in effecte hee say'd.
Thoughe warres be ill, yet good mens warres have lawes,
   And it behooves a Generall good to gaine,
   With valiaunt actes, and not with treacherous traine.

With that, hee caus'de this SINON to bee stripte,
And whippes, and roddes, unto the schollers gave:
Whome, backe againe, into the toune they whipte,
Which facte, once knowne unto their fathers grave:
   With joyfull hartes, they yeelded up their Toune:
   An acte moste rare, and glasse of true renoume.