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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 111

Mutius Scaevola

Pietas in patriam.

This hande, and sworde, within the furious flame,
Doth shewe his harte, that sought PORSENNAS ende:
Whose countries good, and eeke perpetuall fame,
Before his life did SCAEVOLA commende:
   No paine, had power his courage highe to quaile,
   But bouldlie spake, when fire did him assaile.

Which sighte, abash'd the lookers on, but moste
Amaz'de the kinge; who pardoned straighte the knight:
And ceas'd the siege, and did remoove his hoste,
When that hee sawe one man so muche of mighte:
   Oh noble minde, althoughe thy daies bee paste;
   Thy fame doth live, and eeke, for aye shall laste.