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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 108

Respice, et prospice

The former parte, nowe paste, of this my booke,
The seconde parte in order doth insue:
Which, I beginne with JANUS double looke,
That as hee sees, the yeares both oulde, and newe,
   So, with regarde, I may these partes behoulde,
   Perusinge ofte, the newe, and eeke the oulde.

And if, that faulte within us doe appeare,
Within the yeare, that is alreadie donne,
As JANUS biddes us alter with the yeare,
And make amendes, within the yeare begonne,
   Even so, my selfe survayghinge what is past;
   With greater heede, may take in hande the laste.

This Image had his rites, and temple faire,
And call'd the GOD of warre, and peace, bicause
In warres, hee warn'de of peace not to dispaire:
And warn'de in peace, to practise martiall lawes:
   And furthermore, his lookes did teache this somme;
   To beare in minde, time past, and time to comme.