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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 101

Animi scrinium servitus

The Proverbe saithe, the bounde muste still obey,
And bondage bringes, the freest man in awe:
Whoe serves must please, and heare what other saye,
And learne to keepe HARPOCRATES his lawe:
   Then bondage is the Prison of the minde:
   And makes them mute, where wisedome is by kinde.

The Nightingall, that chaunteth all the springe,
Whose warblinge notes, throughout the wooddes are harde,
Beinge kepte in cage, she ceaseth for to singe,
And mournes, bicause her libertie is barde:
   Oh bondage vile, the worthie mans deface,
   Bee farre from those, that learning doe imbrace.