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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 100

Frontis nulla fides

The lions roare: the Bores theire tuskes do whet.
The Griphins graspe theire tallantes in theire ire:
The dogges do barke; the bulles, with hornes doe thret.
The Serpentes hisse, with eyes as redde as fire.

But man is made, of suche a seemelie shape,
That frende, or foe, is not discern'd by face:
Then harde it is the wickeds wiles to scape,
Since that the bad, do maske with honest grace.

And Hypocrites, have Godlie wordes at will.
And ravening wolves, in skinnes of lambes doe lurke;
And CAIN doth seeke, his brother for to kill,
And sainctes in shewe, with JUDAS hartes doe worke.

Nowe, since the good no cognizance doe beare,
To teache us, whome wee chieflie should imbrace:
But that the same the wicked sorte doe weare,
And shewe them selves like them, in everie case.

A table lo, herein to you I sende,
Whereby you might remember still to write,
His wordes, and deedes, that beares the face of frende,
Before you choose, suche one for your delite.

And if at lengthe, yow trye him by this tuche,
And finde him hault, whereby you stand in dout,
No harte, nor hand, see that you joyne with suche
But at the first, bee bould to rase him out.
   Yet if by proofe, my wordes, and deedes agree,
   Then let mee still within your tables bee.