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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 99

Impar conjugium

The tyraunt vile MEZENTIUS, put in ure,
Amongst the plagues, wherewith hee murthered men:
To binde the quicke, and dead, together sure,
And then, to throwe them both into a denne.
   Whereas the quicke, should still the dead imbrace,
   Untill with pine, hee turn'd into that case.

Those wedding webbes, which some doe weave with ruthe,
As when the one, with straunge disease doth pine:
Or when as age, bee coupled unto youthe,
And those that hate, inforced are to joyne,
   This representes: and doth those parentes showe,
   Are tyrauntes meere, who joyne their children soe.

Yet manie are, who not the cause regarde,
The birthe, the yeares, nor vertues of the minde:
For goulde is first, with greedie men prefer'de,
And love is laste, and likinge set behinde:
   But parentes harde, that matches make for goodes:
   Can not be free, from guilte of childrens bloodes.