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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 97

Dum potes, vive

The Cuttle fishe, that likes the muddie crickes,
To which, the sea dothe flowe at everie tide:
For to escape the fishers ginnes, and trickes,
Dame nature did this straunge devise provide:
   That when he seeth, his foe to lie in wayte,
   Hee muddes the streame, and safelie scapes deceyte.

Then man: in whome doth sacred reason reste,
All waies, and meanes, shoulde use to save his life:
Not wilfullie, the same for to detest,
Nor rashlie runne, when tyrauntes rage with strife:
   But constant stande, abyding sweete or sower,
   Untill the Lorde appoynte an happie hower.