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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 95

De Invido et Avaro, iocosum

The Goddes agreed, two men their wishe should have:
And did decree, who firste demaunde did make,
Shoulde have his wishe: and he that last did crave,
The others gifte shoulde double to him take.
   The Covetous wretche, and the Envious man:
   Theise weare the two, that of this case did scanne.

They longe did strive, who shoulde the firste demaunde:
The Covetous man refus'de, bicause his mate,
Shoulde have his gifte then doubled out of hande:
The thought whereof, uppon his harte did grate
   Wherefore the Goddes, did plague him for his sinne,
   And did commaunde, th'Envious man beginne.

Who did not crave, what MIDAS cheife did choose,
Because his frende, the fruite thereof should finde:
But onelie wish'de, that he one eie might loose,
Unto the ende, to have the other blinde:
   Which beinge say'd, he did his wishe obtaine:
   So but one eye, was lefte unto them twaine.

See heare how vile, theise caytiffes doe appeare,
To GOD, and man: but chieflie (as wee see)
The Covetous man, who hurteth farre, and neare.
Where spytefull men, theire owne tormentors bee.
   But bothe be bad, and he that is the beste,
   GOD keepe him thence, where honest men doe reste.