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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 92

Industria naturam corrigit

The Lute, whose sounde doth most delighte the eare,
Was caste aside, and lack'de bothe stringes, and frettes:
Whereby, no worthe within it did appeare,
MERCURIUS came, and it in order settes:
   Which being tun'de, suche Harmonie did lende,
   That Poëttes write, the trees theire toppes did bende.

Even so, the man on whome dothe Nature froune,
Whereby, he lives despis'd of everie wighte,
Industrie yet, maie bringe him to renoume,
And diligence, maie make the crooked righte:
   Then have no doubt, for arte maie nature helpe.
   Thinke howe the beare doth forme her uglye whelpe.