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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 91

Tecum habita

A Solemne feaste great JUPITER did make,
And warn'd all beastes, and creatures to be there:
The presse was muche, eache one his place did take:
At lengthe, when all weare in there cheifest cheare:
   At seconde course, the snaile crepte slowlie in,
   Whome JOVE did blame, cause hee so slacke had bin.

Who aunswered thus, oh kinge behoulde the cause?
I beare my house, wherefore my pace is slowe:
Which warneth all, in feasting for to pause,
And to the same, with pace of snaile to goe:
   And further telles, no places maie compare,
   Unto our homes, where wee commaunders are.