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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 90

In eum qui truculentia suorum perierit

The Dolphin swifte, upon the shore is throwne,
Thoughe he was bred, and fostered, in the flood:
If NEPTUNE shewe such wronge, unto his owne,
Then, howe maie man in shippes have hope of good:
   The raging Sea, our countrie doth declare;
   The Dolphin fishe, those that exiled are.

And thoughe this fishe, was mightie in the sea,
Without regarde, yet was hee caste on shore:
So famous men, that longe did beare the swaie,
Have bene exil'd, and liv'd in habit pore:
   This, SOCRATES: and MARCUS TULLIUS tri'de:
   DEMOSTHENES, and thousandes moe beside.