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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 89

Vita irrequieta

The Apodes, which doe in INDIA breede,
Still flie about, and seldome take theire ease:
They have no feete, to reste them as wee reade,
But with theire flighte, do compasse lande, and seas:
   Unto this broode, those that about doe rome,
   Wee maie compare: that have no house, nor home.

Bothe houses faire, and citties great, they veiwe,
But Rivers swifte, theire passage still do let,
They ofte looke backe, and doe theire fortune rue,
Since that therin, they have no seate to set:
   Thus, passe they throughe theire longe unquiet life,
   Till deathe dothe come, the ende of worldlie strife.