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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 85

Desidiam abjiciendam

Use labour still, and leave thie slouthfull seate,
Flee Idlenesse, which beggers state dothe give:
With sweate of browe, see that thou get thy meate,
If thou be borne, with labouring hande to live:
   And get, to eate. and eate, to live with praise:
   Live not to eate, to live with wanton ease.

By DRACOES lawes, the idle men shoulde die,
The Florentines, made banishement theire paine:
In Corinthe, those that idlie they did see,
Weare warn'de at firste, the seconde time were slaine:
   And eke Sainct Paule, the slothfull thus doth threate,
   Whoe laboreth not, denie him for to eate.