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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 83

Judicium Paridis

To PARIS, here the Goddesses doe pleade:
With kingdomes large, did JUNO make her sute,
And PALLAS nexte, with wisedome him assaide,
But VENUS faire, did winne the goulden fruite.
   No princelie giftes, nor wisedome he did wey,
   For Bewtie, did comaunde him to obey.

The worldlie man, whose sighte is alwaies dimme,
Whose fancie fonde eache pleasure doth entice,
The shaddowes, are like substance unto him,
And toyes more deare, them thinges of greatest price:
   But yet the wise this judgement rashe deride,
   And sentence give on prudent PALLAS side.