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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 81

Fatuis levia commitito

The little childe, is pleas'de with cockhorse gaie,
Althoughe he aske a courser of the beste:
The ideot likes, with bables for to plaie,
And is disgrac'de, when he is bravelie dreste:
   A motley coate, a cockescombe, or a bell,
   Hee better likes, then Jewelles that excell.

So fondelinges vaine, that doe for honor sue,
And seeke for roomes, that worthie men deserve:
The prudent Prince, dothe give hem ofte their due,
Whiche is faire wordes, that right their humors serve:
   For infantes hande, the rasor is unfitte,
   And fooles unmeete, in wisedomes seate to sitte.