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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 79

Saepius in auro bibitur venenum

Heare LAIS fine, doth brave it on the stage,
With muskecattes sweete, and all shee coulde desire:
Her beauties beames, did make the youthe to rage,
And inwardlie Corinthus set on fire:
   Bothe Princes, Peeres, with learned men, and grave,
   With humble sute, did LAIS favour crave.

Not everie one, mighte to Corinthus goe,
The meaninge was, not all mighte LAIS love:
The manchet fine, on highe estates bestowe,
The courser cheate, the baser sorte must proove:
   Faire HELEN leave for MENELAUS grace,
   And CORIDON, let MABLIE still imbrace.

And thoughe, the poore maie not presume alofte,
It is no cause, they therefore shoulde dispaire:
For with his choise, doth IRUS joye as ofte,
As dothe the Prince, that hathe a VENUS faire:
   No highe estate, can give a quiet life,
   But GOD it is, that blesseth man, and wife.

Then make thy choise, amongste thy equalles still,
If thou mislike DIANAS steppes to trace:
Thoughe PARIS, had his HELEN at his will,
Thinke howe his facte, was ILIONS foule deface.
   And hee, that moste the house of LAIS hauntes,
   The more he lookes, the more her face enchauntes.