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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 71

Fides non apparentium


The fissherman, doth caste his nettes in sea,
In hope at lengthe, an happie hale to have,
And is content, longe time to pause, and staie,
Thoughe, nothinge elles hee see, besides the wave:
   Yet, onelie trust for thinges unseene dothe serve,
   Which feedes him ofte, till he doth almoste sterve.

If fisshermen, have then suche constant hope,
For hidden thinges, and such as doe decaie,
Let Christians then, the eies of faithe houlde ope,
And thinke not longe, for that which lastes for aie,
   And on GODS worde, theire hope to anchor faste,
   Whereof eache jote, shalbee fulfil'de at laste.