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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 70

Fortuna virtutem superans

To FR. W. Esquier.

When BRUTUS knewe, AUGUSTUS parte prevail'de,
And sawe his frendes, lie bleedinge on the grounde,
Suche deadlie griefe, his noble harte assail'de,
That with his sworde, hee did him selfe confounde:
   But firste, his frendes perswaded him to flee,
   Whoe aunswer'd thus, my flighte with handes shalbee.

And bending then to blade, his bared breste,
Hee did pronounce, theise wordes with courage great:
Oh Prowes vaine, I longe did love thee beste,
But nowe, I see, thou doest on fortune waite.
   Wherefore with paine, I nowe doe proove it true,
   That fortunes force, maie valiant hartes subdue.