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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 69

Interiora vide


Though outwarde thinges, doe trimme, & brave, appeare,
And sightes at firste, doe aunswere thie desire,
Yet, inwarde partes, if that they shine not cleare,
Suspecte the same, and backe in time retire:
   For inwardlie, such deadlie foes maie lurke,
   As when wee trust, maie our destruction worke.

Though bewtie rare, bee farre and neare renoum'de,
Though Natures giftes, and fortunes doe excell:
Yet, if the minde, with heinous crimes abounde,
And nothing good with in the same doe dwell:
   Regarde it not, but shonne the outward showe,
   Untill, thou doe the inwarde vertues knowe.