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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 68

Sic discerne


In fruictefull feilde amid the goodlie croppe,
The hurtfull tares, and dernell ofte doe growe,
And many times, doe mounte above the toppe
Of highest corne: But skilfull man doth knowe,
   When graine is ripe, with sive to purge the seedes,
   From chaffe, and duste, and all the other weedes.

By which is ment, sith wicked men abounde,
That harde it is, the good from bad to trie:
The prudent sorte, shoulde have suche judgement sounde,
That still the good they shoulde from bad descrie:
   And sifte the good, and to discerne their deedes,
   And weye the bad, noe better then the weedes.