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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 66

In utrumque paratus


When SANABAL Hierusalem distrest,
With sharpe assaultes, in NEHEMIAS tyme:
To warre, and worke, the Jewes them selves addrest,
And did repaire theire walles, with stone, and lime:
   One hande the sworde, against the foe did shake,
   The other hande, the trowell up did take.

Of valiant mindes, loe here, a worthie parte,
That quailed not, with ruine of theire wall:
But Captaines boulde, did proove the masons arte,
Which doth inferre, this lesson unto all:
   That to defende, our countrie deare from harme,
   For warre, or worke, wee eyther hande should arme.