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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 65

Mutuum auxilium

To R. COTTON Esquier.

The blynde, did beare the lame uppon his backe,
The burthen, did directe the bearors waies:
With mutuall helpe, they serv'd eche others lacke,
And every one, their frendly league did praise:
   The lame lente eies, the blynde did lend his feete,
   And so they safe, did passe both feelde, and streete.

Some lande aboundes, yet hathe the same her wante,
Some yeeldes her lacke, and wantes the others store:
No man so ritche, but is in some thinge scante,
The greate estate, must not dispise the pore:
   Hee workes, and toyles, and makes his showlders beare,
   The ritche agayne, gives foode, and clothes, to weare.

So without poore, the ritche are like the lame:
And without ritche, the poore are like the blynde:
Let ritche lend eies, the poore his legges wil frame,
Thus shoulde yt bee. For so the Lorde assign'd,
   Whoe at the firste, for mutuall frendship sake,
   Not all gave one, but did this difference make.

Whereby, with trade, and intercourse, in space,
And borrowinge heare, and lendinge there agayne:
Such love, such truthe, such kyndnes, shoulde take place,
That frendshipp, with societie should raigne:
   The proverbe saieth, one man is deemed none,
   And life, is deathe, where men doo live alone.