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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 63

Potentissimus affectus, amor

The Lions grimme, behoulde, doe not resiste,
But yealde them selves, and Cupiddes chariot drawe,
And with one hande, he guydes them where he liste,
With th'other hande, he keepes them still in awe:
   Theye couche, and drawe, and do the whippe abide,
   And laie theire fierce and crewell mindes aside.

If Cupid then, bee of such mightie force,
That creatures fierce, and brutishe kinde he tames:
Oh mightie JOVE, vouchsafe to showe remorse,
Helpe feeble man, and pittie tender dames:
   Let Africke wilde, this tyrauntes force indure,
   If not alas, howe can poore man bee sure.