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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 61

Written to the like effecte, uppon

Video, et taceo

Her Majesties poësie, at the great Lotterie in LONDON, begon M. D. LXVIII. and ended M. D. LXIX.

I See, and houlde my peace: a Princelie Poësie righte,
For everie faulte, shoulde not provoke, a Prince, or man of mighte.
For if that JOVE shoulde shoote, so ofte as men offende,
The Poëttes saie, his thunderboltes shoulde soone bee at an ende.
Then happie wee that have, a Princesse so inclin'de.
That when as justice drawes hir sworde, hath mercie in her minde,
And to declare the same, howe prone shee is to save:
Her Majestie did make her choice, this Poësie for to have.