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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 47

Marte et arte


Where courage great, and consaile good doe goe,
With lastinge fame, the victorie is wonne:
But seperate theise, then feare the overthrowe,
And strengthe alone, dothe unto ruine ronne:
   Then Captaines good, must joyne theise two, in one:
   And not presume with this, or that, alone.

As valiant hartes, and corage highe beseeme,
The Captaines boulde, that enterprise for fame:
Soe muste they still, of pollicie esteeme,
And wisedomes rules, to bringe to passe the same:
   While Caesar great, subdu'de the countries farre:
   In gowne at home, did TULLIE helpe to warre.

ULISSES wise, and DIOMEDES forme,
Are heare set downe, for valiant wightes to viewe:
The one devis'de, the other did performe,
Whereby, they did the Trojane force subdue:
   The one, his foes with witte, and counsaile harm'de,
   The other, still him selfe againste them arm'de.