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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 45

Furor et rabies

The crewell kinges, that are inflam'de with ire:
With fier, and sworde, theire furious mindes suffise:
And ofte to showe, what chiefelie they desire,
Within theire sheildes, they dreadefull shapes devise,
   Some Griphins feirce, some ramping Lions beare,
   Some Tygers fell, or Dragons like to weare.

All which bewraye, theire inwarde bloodie thoughte,
Suche one, behoulde, kinge AGAMEMNON was:
Who had in shielde, a ramping Lion wroughte
And eke this verse, was graven in the brasse:
   Mannes terror this, to feare them that behoulde:
   Which shielde is borne, by AGAMEMNON boulde.