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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 44

Desiderium spe vacuum

The Lyon fierce, behoulde doth rente his praie,
The dogge lookes backe, in hope to have a share,
And lick'd his lippes, and longe therefore did staie,
But all in vaine, the Lion none coulde spare:
   And yet the sighte, with hope the dogge did feede,
   As if he had, somme parte there of in deede.

This reprehendes, the sonnes, or greedie frendes,
That longe do hope, for deathe of aged Sires:
And on theire goodes, doe feede before theire endes,
For deathe ofte times, doth frustrate theire desires:
   And takes awaie, the yonge before the oulde,
   Let greedie heires, this looking glasse behoulde.