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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 38

Non locus virum, sed vir locum ornat

To the Honorable Sir PHILLIP SIDNEY Knight, Governour of the Garrison and towne of Ulissing.

The trampinge steede, that champes the burnish'd bitte,
Is mannag'd brave, with ryders for the nones:
But, when the foole uppon his backe doth sette,
He throwes him downe, and ofte doth bruse his bones:
   His corage feirce, dothe crave a better guide,
   And eke such horse, the foole shoulde not bestride.

By which is ment, that men of judgement grave,
Of learning, witte, and eeke of conscience cleare,
In highe estate, are fitte theire seates to have,
And to be stall'd, in sacred justice cheare:
   Wherein they rule, unto theire endlesse fame,
   But fooles are foil'd, and throwne out of the same.