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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 37

Inimicorum dona, infausta

If of thy foe, thow doest a gifte receave,
Esteeme it not, for feare the fates doe lower,
And with the gifte, ofte tyme thie life doe reave,
Yea giftes wee reade, have suche a secret power,
   That oftentimes, they LYNCEUS eies doe blinde,
   And he that gives, the taker faste doth binde.

To AJAX heare, a sworde did HECTOR sende,
A girdle stronge, to him did AJAX yeelde,
With HECTORS gifte, did AJAX woorke his ende,
And AJAX gifte, hal'de HECTOR throughe the fielde:
   Of mortall foes, then see noe gifte thow take,
   Althoughe a while, a truce with them thow make.