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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 31

Caecum odium

Th'Envious man, when neighboures howse dothe flame,
Whose chiefe delighte, is in an others harme,
Doth shutte his eies, and will not see the same,
But pulles awaie, his fellowe by the arme:
   And sayeth, departe, wee care not for this ill,
   It is not ours, let others care that will.

Too manie live, that every wheare are founde
Whoe daye and nighte doe languishe in dispite,
When that they see, an others wealthe abounde:
But, those herein that moste of all delighte,
   Let them repente, for God whoe knowes theire harts,
   Will them rewarde, accordinge to deserts.