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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 28

In Astrologos

Heare, ICARUS with mountinge up alofte,
Came headlonge downe, and fell into the Sea:
His waxed winges, the sonne did make so softe,
They melted straighte, and feathers fell awaie:
  So, whilste he flewe, and of no dowbte did care,
  He moov'de his armes, but loe, the same were bare.

Let suche beware, which paste theire reache doe mounte,
Whoe seeke the thinges, to mortall men deny'de,
And searche the Heavens, and all the starres accoumpte,
And tell therebie, what after shall betyde:
  With blusshinge nowe, theire weakenesse rightlie weye,
  Least as they clime, they fall to theire decaye.