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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 27

Dolus in suos

While nettes were sette, the simple fowles to take,
Whoe kepte theire course alofte, and woulde not lighte,
A tamed ducke, her hoame did straighte forsake,
And flewe alofte, with other duckes in flighte,
  They dowtinge not, her traiterous harte at all,
  Did flie with her, and downe with her did fall.

By this is mente, all suche as doe betraie,
Theire kindred neare, that doe on them depende,
And ofte doe make, the innocent a praie,
By subtill sleighte, to them that seeke theire ende
  Yea unto those, they shoulde moste frendship showe,
  They lie in waite, to worke theire overthrowe.