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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 22

Nullus dolus contra Casum

Behowlde the craftie foxe,
Uppon Danubius plaies,
What time throwgh froste, both man, and beaste,
Thereon did make their waies.

At lengthe, with PHOEBUS beames,
The froste began to flake:
So that the yce with swelling streame,
To sundrie peeces brake.

Where, on a peece the foxe,
Doth to his tackling stande:
And in the sighte of Regenspurge,
Came driving by the Lande.

At which, the townesmen laugh'de,
And saied, this foxe, on Ice:
Doth shewe, no subtill crafte will serve,
When Chaunce doth throwe the dice.