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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 20

Minuit praesentia famam

Reporte, did ringe the snowe did hide the hilles,
And valleys lowe, there with alofte did rise:
Which newes, with dowte the hartes of manie filles,
And Cowardes made, for feare at home to friese:
  But those that went, the truthe hereof to knowe,
  When that they came, might safelie passe the snowe.

For whie, the Sonne did make the same to waste,
And all about, discovered had the grounde:
So, thoughe ofte times the simple bee agaste,
When that reportes, of this, or that, doe sounde,
  Yet if they firste, woulde seeke the truthe to knowe,
  They ofte shoulde finde, the matter nothing soe.