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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 17

Ludus, luctus, luxus

Behoulde the fruites of dronkennesse, and plaie:
Here corage, brawles with Cutthroate for a caste,
And ofte in fine, if that they lacke to paie,
They sweare it out, or blade it at the laste:
  This, frendshippe breakes: this, makes us laugh'd to scorne,
  And beggerie gives, to those that riche are borne.

The Lapithans, by drinke weare overthrowne,
The wisest men, with follie this inflames:
What shoulde I speake, of father NOAH aloane,
Or bring in LOTT, or HOLOFERNES names:
  This SIMON, and his sonnes, did overthrowe,
  And BENEDAB, made flee before his foe.

And he that lik'd to spende his time at dice,
This lawe in Rome, SEVERUS did provide:
That everie man, shoulde deeme him as a vice,
And of his Landes, an other shoulde bee guide:
  Like Lawes beside, did divers more devise,
  And wisedome still, againste suche unthriftes cries.