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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 14

In vitam humanam

The wicked worlde, so false and full of crime,
Did alwaies moove HERACLITUS to weepe,
The fadinge joyes, and follies of that time,
DEMOCRITUS did drive to laughter deepe,
  Thus heynous sinne, and follie did procure
  Theise famous men, suche passions to indure.

What if they liv'de, and shoulde behoulde this age
Which overflowes, with swellinge seas of sinne:
Where fooles, by swarmes, doe presse uppon the stage,
With hellishe Impes, that like have never binne:
  I thinke this sighte, shoulde hasten their decaye:
  Then helpe us God, and Sathans furie staie.