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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 10


Withe pleasaunte tunes, the SYRENES did allure
Ulisses wise, to listen theire songe:
But nothinge could his manlie harte procure,
Hee sailde awaie, and scap'd their charming stronge,
  The face, he lik'de: the nether parte, did loathe:
  For womans shape, and fishes had they bothe.

Which shewes to us, when Bewtie seekes to snare
The carelesse man, whoe dothe no daunger dreede,
That he shoulde flie, and shoulde in time beware,
And not on lookes, his fickle fancie feede:
  Suche Mairemaides live, that promise onelie joyes:
  But hee that yeldes, at lengthe him selffe distroies.