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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 9

Experientia docet

A youthefull Prince, in prime of lustie yeares,
Woulde understande what weather shoulde betide,
For that hee thoughte, with manie noble Peares
To passe the time, on huntinge forth to ride:
  Th'Astronomer, did wishe hym staie at courte,
  For present raine, should hinder all their sporte.

Which staied the Prince, but raine did none discende,
Then, wente hee forth with manie Gallantes brave,
But when he thought the clowdes, did droppes portend,
Hee roade aside, a plowghmans skill to crave,
  Whoe, looking straighte uppon the variing skie:
  Saide, twentie daies I thinke it will bee drie.

Proceedinge then, his judgement true was founde,
Then,(quoth the Prince) weare thou the doctours Roabe,
And geeve to him, thy Harrowe on the grownde,
And in exchaunge, take thou his Spheare, and Gloabe:
  And further saied, henceforthe wee will allowe,
  That learninge shall unto Experience bowe.