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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 8

Non tibi, sed Religioni

The pastors good, that doe gladd tidinges preache,
The godlie sorte, with reverence do imbrace:
Though they be men, yet since Godds worde they teache,
Wee honor them, and give them higheste place,
  Imbassadors of princes of the earthe,
  Have royall Seates, thoughe base they are by birthe.

Yet, if throwghe pride they doe them selves forgett,
And make accompte that honor, to be theires:
And doe not marke with in whose place they sett,
Let them behowlde the asse, that ISIS beares,
  Whoe thowghte the men to honor him, did kneele,
  And staied therfore, till he the staffe did feele.

For, as he pass'd with ISIS throughe the streete,
And bare on backe, his holie rites about,
Th'Aegyptians downe fell prostrate at his feete,
Whereat, the Asse, grewe arrogante and stowte,
  Then saide the guide; oh foole not unto thee,
  Theise people bowe, but unto that they see?