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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 4

Veritas temporis filia

Three furies fell, which turne the worlde to ruthe,
Both Envie, Strife, and Slaunder, heare appeare,
In dungeon darke they longe inclosed truthe,
But Time at lengthe, did loose his daughter deare,
  And setts alofte, that sacred ladie brighte,
  Whoe things longe hidd, reveales, and bringes to lighte.

Thoughe strife make fier, thoughe Envie eate hir harte,
The innocent though Slaunder rente, and spoile:
Yet Time will comme, and take this ladies parte,
And breake her bandes, and bring her foes to foile.
  Dispaire not then, thoughe truthe be hidden ofte,
  Bycause at length, shee shall bee sett alofte.