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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 3


Suche providence hathe nature secret wroughte
In creatures wilde, and eeke such knowledge straunge,
That man, by them in somme thinges maie be taughte,
As some foretell, when weather faire will chaunge,
  Of heate, of raine, of winde, and tempests rage,
  Some showe by signes, and with their songs presage.

But leaving theise, which almost all doe knowe,
The Crocodile, by whome th' AEgyptians watche,
Howe farre that yeare shall mightie Nilus flowe,
For theire shee likes to laie her egges, and hatche,
  Suche skill devine, and science to foretell,
  Hath Nature lente unto this Serpent fell.

Which showes, They should with due regarde foresee,
When anie one doth take in hande a cause,
The drifte, and ende, of that they doe decree,
And longe thereon to ponder, and to pause,
  For after witts, are like a shower of rayne
  Which moistes the soile, when withered is the graine.