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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 2

Quà dii vocant, eundum

The travaylinge man, uncertaine where to goe,
When divers wayes before his face did lie,
Mercurius then, the perfect pathe did showe,
Which when he tooke, hee never went awrie,
  But to his wishe, his jorneys ende did gaine
  In happie howre, by his direction plaine.

This travailinge man: doth tell our wandringe state,
Before whose face, and eeke on everye side,
Bypathes, and wayes, appeare amidd our gate,
That if the Lorde bee not our onlie guide:
  We stumble, fall, and dailie goe astraye,
  Then happie those, whome God doth shew the waye