A Note on Netscape

To read the Alciato files, we recommend you turn off the underline in the links (they're ugly anyway), and set your Netscape window to about 10 in or 25 cm wide (full screen for a 14" monitor). We've set the colour to white for all pages. If you are getting something else, you might want to change your preferences to allow for document colours.

We've never used anything but Netscape. It is easy to download. We're using 3.0 (for Windows 95). For a general guide to html practice, there are many resources. We list some of these on a page devoted to Introduction to Hypertext for English students at this University. Html and Netscape in particular have severe design limitations. These are discussed very intelligently by David Siegel, a designer in Palo Alto, California, who offers some fascinating solutions to layout in this new medium. If life were longer, we would follow much of his advice.

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Last modified 25 November 1997