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Alciato Emblem 54: Sources in Greek Anthology 9.346 and 16.141 (trans Paton, III, 187 and V, 243)

Leonidas of Alexandria
[No Title]

After flying, swallow, across the whole earth and the islands, thou dost rear thy brood on the picture of Medea. Dost thou believe that the Colchian woman who did not spare even her own children will keep her faith to thy young?

[On the Picture of Medea in Rome]

How, twittering swallow, didst thou suffer to have as nurse of thy children the Colchian woman, the vengeful destroyer of her babes, from whose bloodshot eye still flashes murderous fire, from whose jaws white foam still drips, whose sword is freshly bathed in blood? Fly from the fatal mother, who even in the wax is still slaying her children.