Practical information

Regular Practice Schedule (from Sept 2018)

Monday 5:00-6:00pmChild/Youth
Tuesday 7:30-8:30pmBeginner
Thursday 4:30-5:30pmChild/Youth
Friday 6:00-7:00pm (Test Preparation)
*The Advanced class is restricted to students ranked 4th kyu or above or by invitation. Basics, regular and weapons classes are open to all ranks.
Fees (from Sept 2018)
Wednesday Seniors Aikido: $120/semester (cancelled this semester)
Child Member (9-13 years old): $150/semester
Regular Member Reduced Rate: $150/semester
Regular Member Full Rate: $250/semester
Associate Member: 50% of Regular Member (i.e. $75 or $125/semester)
Drop-in fee: $10/class

  • Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or electronic transfer.
  • We have three semesters a year: September-December, January-April, and May-August. Children’s and Seniors’ classes do not run in July and August.
  • The Reduced membership rate is for people who are not working a full-time job. It applies to students of all types (including MUN, Marine Institute, CNA, junior/senior high) as well as pensioners or others with a reduced income.
  • Associate memberships are for local aikidoka who are primarily members of other dojos but wish to attend our classes for extra practice. Associate members do not test with us and are not ranked within the CAF.
  • The drop-in fee is for visitors from outside the St. John's metropolitan area. For insurance reasons, anyone who (semi-)regularly practices with us must be either a Member or an Associate Member.
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Ranks and Grading
Aikido ranks are divided into kyu (white belt) and dan (black belt) grades. For adult members we start with 6th kyu and then follow the standard grading requirements for the Canadian Aikido Federation from 5th kyu to 1st kyu and then 1st dan (black belt) and up. Tests for 1st dan and above are conducted by either the CAF Technical Director or members of the Examination Committee.
Children’s rankings start at
8th kyu and 7th kyu and then feed into the regular grading system at 6th kyu.
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Further Information:
phone: 709-864-4401 (Ivan)

How to find the dojo

We are located in the St. John's Martial Arts Centre at 21 Mews Place (in the industrial park between Kelsey Drive and the Avalon Mall). Check out the maps and images below. If you are coming from MUN it is 15 minutes by bike or about 30-40 by bus (Routes 2 or 10 with a bit of a walk at the end). If you are driving its easily accessible from Team Gushue Highway, Kenmount Road, or Thorburn Road.
In the Google Streetview image below, the entrance is the double doors on the left hand side of the building (there is a sign in the door though you can't see it in this image).
You can park either in front of or behind the building. If you park behind look out for trucks arriving and leaving. Do not park on the side - Purolator is on the back of the building and their trucks enter and leave along the side.
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