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Hombu Dojo : World headquarters for Aikikai Aikido. Our dan grades are registered with Hombu and so are transferable to any Aikikai dojo around the world.
Canadian Aikido Federation : We are affiliated to the Aikikai Foundation through the CAF. Our rankings (both dan and kyu) are transferable to any CAF dojo.

Some other Aikido dojos

Here are a few dojos with which we have close links:
Aikido Shugyo Dojo : Ivan spent several years training with Fran Turner Sensei.
Aikido Tendokai : Home dojo of Yumi Nakamura Sensei.
Halifax Aikikai: We have jointly hosted summer camps with the Halifax Aikikai and often travel to each other's seminars.

Most of the rest of the Aikido community in Newfoundland is affiliated to Hombu Dojo through the United States Aikido Federation. Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan (8th dan) and Mitsunari Kanai Shihan (8th dan) have had a great influence on the development of Aikido in Newfoundland, including our dojo. The USAF dojos in St. John's are The Aikido Institute of Newfoundland and Fudoshin Aikikai and we share friendships with both of these clubs. More information on the history of aikido in Newfoundland can be found on their websites. Recently we have also welcomed a fourth dojo to St. John's. Atlantic Shizen Aikido is affiliated with Aikido Kenkyukai International.

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Fran Turner Sensei throwing Ivan at the Toronto Metro-Central YMCA, circa 1999.
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Other useful links

Some of the main sources of Aikido information on the web are: Aikido FAQ, Aikido Online, Aikido Journal, and AikiWeb.

A good source for weapons and gis is
Sei Do Kai Supplies.

MUN Aikido is a member of the
St. John's Martial Arts Centre. The Centre also offers classes in Judo, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Shotokan Karate.

A comprehensive listing of other martial arts in the St. John's area can be found at
St. John's dojos.