Intro begins Thursday Jan 17

A quick reminder that the Introduction to Aikido will start tomorrow night (Thursday). Registration begins at 7:45pm and the
class proper will begin at 8:00pm. Information on dojo location can be found on our at:

Note that there is a Judo class in the dojo from 6:30-8:00pm so when you arrive they will be on the mat. Try not to make too much noise as we don't want to disrupt their class. There should be one of our club members at the side of the mat to help you with the registation process.  

The Global Gym requests that you enter and leave the Dojo through our entrance facing Elizabeth Avenue (there is a big sign saying "Martial Arts Here" pointing at it!) rather than the main Global Gym door. However once you come in, you can go through into the Gym and use their change rooms if you like.

You should wear loose fitting clothes such as sweat pants and a t-shirt. It's best not to wear shorts or jeans and please remove jewelry before class. If you have a karate or judo gi, feel free to wear that (preferably with a white belt if you have one). 

Tomorrow night we'll introduce some of the basic movements of aikido including forward and backward rolls as well as a couple of representative techniques: one pinning and one throwing.