Past and future events


New Years Introduction to Aikido

This January we will have a four-class Introduction to Aikido. It will introduce the foundations of Aikido including throws, locks, controls, pins, and break falls as well as the more fundamental principles of posture, distance, timing, movement and harmonization.

This is designed for beginners. Experience with Aikido or any other martial art is neither expected nor necessary. All are welcome and you do not have to be a MUN student!

Registration and the first class will be on Tuesday, January 16. Registration will start at 7:15pm and then class will begin at 7:30pm. The cost is $40 and if you decide to continue with the club as a member this money will be discounted from your full membership cost. Payments can be made at the dojo by cash or cheque (made out to MUN Aikido) or by email transfer (contact us for details).
Please note: anyone under 18 will require a parental signature on their registration form.

Intro classes will occur on (this replaces the regular schedule on these dates):
• Tuesday, Jan 16 – 7:15 - 8:30 p.m. (Registration and first class).
• Thursday, Jan 18– 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
• Tuesday, Jan 23 19 – 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
• Thursday, Sept 25 – 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

These four classes are intended to be taken in sequence and will each focus on different aspects of Aikido, so we encourage you to attend all four so as not to miss anything.

All classes will take place at our dojo in the St. John’s Martial Arts Centre 21 Mews Place (see
Practical Info for map).

For planning purposes it would be useful for us to know how many people to expect, so please email or respond on our Facebook page if you are planning to attend.

Aikido for Seniors

This winter we will be running a weekly seniors (50+) class.

The class will emphasize balance, posture and flexibility using yoga and traditional Asian warmups coupled with soft exercises and partner practices from Aikido. It is intended for beginners and no experience with martial arts or yoga is either required or expected.

The classes will run Wednesday mornings from 10:30am to noon, from January 10 — April 25 inclusive and will be held in our dojo at the St. John's Martial Arts Centre on 21 Mews Place.

The cost will be $120 for all 16 classes or there is a drop-in fee of $10/class.

The instructor is John Bell, Aikido Nidan (2nd degree black belt). John started Aikido in 1992 when he was 39 years old and continues to train in the regular classes at MUN Aikikai.

For the poster click here or for more information contact John Bell at


CAF Summer Camp 2017

Ivan, Jolanta, Esteban and Antonina attended the CAF Summer Camp with Hayato Osawa Shihan in Halifax in June. Here they are as part of the Atlantic Canada group photo with Sensei.

Photo credit: Toby Humphreys

They are harder to find in the full group photo…

Congratulations to Esteban!

Last week at the Canadian Aikido Federation Summer Camp with Osawa Shihan, Esteban took and passed his Sandan (3rd black belt) test. Congratulations Esteban!

James Stacey - DSC04662_crop
Esteban in action applying kotegaeshi. Photo credit: Jim Stacey

James Stacey - DSC04720_crop
Esteban disarming opponent during a bokken technique. Photo credit: Jim Stacey

Congratulations Matt and Aaron!

Thank-you to Nakamura Sensei for another great seminar! On Saturday afternoon Matt took his 1st kyu test and Aaron did his 3rd kyu. Congratulations to both for excellent tests. Below are some pictures from the seminar and their tests.

Saturday afternoon at the seminar. Special thanks to everyone who came out from the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland and Fudoshin Aikikai. Photo credit: Judy Perry.

Nakamura Sensei helping Paula and Esteban. Photo credit: Judy Perry

Aaron in action during his test throwing Matt. Photo credit: Bob Davis.

Matt during his test with John taking a very nice ukemi! Photo credit: Bob Davis.

Seminar with Nakamura Shihan

We are delighted to announce that the MUN Aikido Club Spring Seminar (April 29-30) will once again be taught by Yumi Nakamura Shihan, Chief Instructor of Aikido Tendokai (Toronto) and one of the most senior instructors in the Canadian Aikido Federation. She has visited us many times and anyone who has been to any of her seminars will know what a great teacher she is.

Nakamura Shihan during her 2012 visit. Photo Credit: Collette Phillips

The seminar will take place on the weekend of April 29-30. All classes will be in our dojo at the St. John's Martial Arts Centre (21 Mews Place). The tentative schedule is:

Saturday (April 29)
10:00am–11:15am Beginner's class
11:20am—12:30pm Regular class
12:30pm—2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm–4:00pm Regular classes
Sunday (April 30)
10:30am—1:00pm Regular classes

Nakamura Sensei will teach all classes. The first class on Saturday morning will be a Beginner's class. All are welcome to attend but it will be particularly aimed at those who have recently started practice.

We will have a supper on Saturday night to which everyone is invited. Details to follow.

Fees are:
Regular: $50/weekend or Saturday $40/Sunday $20
Students: $40/weekend
Beginner class only: $10

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Seminar with Donovan Waite Shihan at Fudoshin

Fudoshin Aikikai will hold a seminar with Donovan Waite Shihan on March 18 and 19. See the poster here.