Past and future events


Christmas Schedule

Our last class before Christmas will be Tuesday, December 18. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 8.

D. Waite Seminar

We have just heard that Fudoshin Aikikai will again host Donovan Waite Shihan for the 7th Annual Graham Burt Memorial Seminar. This will happen March 9-10. More information to follow...

Congratulations to Tak, Hakase and Haakon!

During the seminar with Nakamura Sensei, Haakon and Hakase took their 3rd kyu tests and Tak took his 1st kyu. They all did a great job and passed. Congratulations!

Photo Credit: Collette Phillips

MUN Aikido on Twitter and YouTube

You can now follow MUN Aikido on Twitter and check out videos of our recent demonstration on YouTube.

Interview in the MUSE...

Following the Demo, Haakon did an interview for the MUSE. You can find it here.

Demo at the Works

Next Tuesday, October 23rd from 12:30-1:00pm, MUN Aikido will do a demonstration in The Works as part of I Love MUNdays.

Even if you can’t make the demo, there will be a booth set up from about 10:00am-2:00pm with information about Aikido and our club.

As a follow-up, our regular Thursday night class (8:00-9:30pm) on October 25th will be open (and free) to anyone who would like to come and try out Aikido.

Update: Video from the demo can be found on YouTube.

Y. Nakamura Seminar

Yumi Nakamura Sensei of Aikido Tendokai in Toronto will visit us again November 3rd and 4th. Click here for the poster. Note in particular the location: Saturday will be at Holy Cross (thanks to the Aikido Institute of Nfld for helping us arrange that space) and then Sunday will be back in our own Dojo.

Update: Nakamura Sensei gave another excellent seminar which has given us plenty to think about and work on. Thanks to all who attended and in particular the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland for lending us their space on Saturday.

Photo Credit: Matthew Middleton

H. Osawa Seminar

On the weekend of Sept 29-30, John, Jolanta, Robert and Ivan travelled to Halifax for a seminar with H. Osawa Shihan. Here’s the group photo from that event. Three members of the Aikido Institute of Nfld (Colleen, Jason and Collette) and one member of Fudoshin Aikikai (John) also attended. See how many of us you can find…
To make that a bit easier here’s a group photo of the Newfoundlanders with Osawa Shihan.

Thanks to Collette for both of these pictures.

Fall Aikido Seminars

There are two seminars coming up this fall:

1) The
Canadian Aikido Federation will sponsor a seminar with Hayato Osawa Shihan (Hombu Dojo) in Halifax on September 29 and 30. Several of us will travel there to train with him. For more information see the Halifax Aikikai website.

2) Then on November 3 and 4,
Yumi Nakamura Sensei (Aikido Tendokai) will visit us again. If you’ve been to any of her previous seminars you will know that she is a great teacher so we are all looking forward to seeing her again. More information.